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Do you love air balloons shooting games with assault rifles and guns? The balloon shooting game will let you experience balloon firing in different ways. That balloon shooting game is specially designed for gun firing lovers. This fun action game is all time most loving app among kids and adults. Balloon shooting is an addictive gun and assault rifle shooting game, in which you can shoot balloons of different colors in the air, using different automatic assault rifles. Amazingly real army guns are using to shoot, so how many balloons can you smash. Balloon shooting game PRO is a thrilling adventure that lets you experience the real air balloon smashing. Weapon Selection:In gun selection mode“, you have to earn maximum points to unlock the latest automatic guns and assault rifles. Complete challenges and earn coins to unlock the latest automatic guns that will make your game playing experience much better and exciting. Show your shooting skills in this amazing game by selecting the best guns or rifles and aim the target to shoot maximum air balloons in a single shot, aim carefully. Survival Mode:In “survival mode”, balloon shooting is an arcade game that will provide users real time experience of air balloon shooting. So now complete the challenges, beat the time, score the highest points, stay on the top leaderboard ranking and become the top air balloon shooter. You have to be careful and sharp-minded to boom, smash, and burst the air balloons in limited. In the game, balloons will move automatically from all sides of the device screen and you have to hit the maximum numbers in the air. Level Mode:In “level mode”, balloon shooting is a multi-level challenging action sports game. Shoot the rounded moving air balloons with guns and burst them. In this game, players have to hit the balloons and unlock the next level. After completion of each level, a new level will be introduced with a different types of missions and fun. All levels of difficulty are different in this balloon smashing game. You have to complete all levels in a given time otherwise level will fail. How to Play & Win:You will shoot balloons with single guns and automatic assault rifles. You need to tap on the fire button to fire shoot & smash the balloons. During gameplay, you can change the movement of the gun. For now, in balloon shooting there are two types of movement one is swap, and the second is touch. Multiply your scores by aiming at multiple balloons at once. Balloons of all colors, shapes, and sizes are flying in your way. Prepare your strategy and become the best shooter in the balloon shooting game. Air Balloon Shooting Game Features:• The enemy target was replaced with bundles of balloons.• Unpredictable, physics-based movements & task effects.• This is one of the interesting traditional games that can be played anytime and anywhere.• All age groups can play.• It is crazy and full of fun.• It is simple, easy to play but addictive.• Smooth and easy controls to target balloons.• Awesome graphics and background music.


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