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Amaru: The Self-Care Virtual Pet supports your self-care habits through building a relationship with your very own virtual pet! You’ll feed, pet, and play with the adorable Amaru while also engaging in guided mindfulness exercises and journal activities that build focus and resilience to stress, anxiety, and depression. Explore the mysterious world of Enso, earn rewards to customize your experience, and build an Aura that inspires Amaru to maintain his peace of mind.[Features]1.) Your very own virtual pet!- Feed, pet, and care for Amaru to build your Bond!- Enjoy hand-drawn animations that evolve as your Bond grows stronger.- Amaru will awaken and go to sleep based on your goal times for beginning your morning routine and powering down electronics for the night.2.) Self-care Support-Customize a self-care regimen that works for you.-Meet your Self-care Goals to earn in-game currency for the Shop. -Follow empowering prompts such as Gratitude Journaling in your in-game Journal.-Explore 20+ guided breathing and mindfulness meditation recordings scientifically shown to reduce stress, anxiety and depression.3.) Fun Mobile Games to Play… or Don’t!- Unlock exciting Mini-games to earn in-game currency and treasures.- If you prefer less-screen time, you can opt to send Amaru to Explore. He’ll return with the same prizes as could be earned in the Minigames.4.) Exploration and Collections-Discover five gorgeous regions in the World of Enso with unique Soundscapes like ocean waves or falling rain. -Complete a collection of 100+ lore-rich items revealing details about Enso and its inhabitants.-Find hundreds of player-submitted Affirmation messages to brighten your day!


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