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Catch the flying arrows like a movie! It’s super exciting to play a nimble hero and eliminate enemies!Looking for fun and thrill? Then this action game is just for you! Currently top 10 trending game!■GAME FEATURES- First person shooting action game- Beautiful 3D graphics app games- Accurate & quick reflexes- Fun for everyone and cool time-killer- You can enjoy action game with simple operations- Various exciting skins, there are cute, cool, horror etc. Those tickles your mind of a collector!■HOW TO PLAY- Swipe to catch the arrow- Aim and throw back to kill enemy- Various items can help to beat enemies, use your brain to find best way to use themIn this super fun 3d stickman battle game, your can do arrow catching, bullet stoping, bullet catching, invalidate enemy attack like a dodge master, shoot enemy like a sniper, like a bowmaster.Let’s see how many levels you can clear in this arrow fest! Beat’em all to survive!Confident with your reflexes and brain? Looking for fun, relaxing and time-killing game? Don’t miss Arrow Catch 3D!■Arrow Catch 3D is recommended for people like this!- Looking for a free action game- Wanting to play an action game with funny operability- Wanting to kill time- Wanting to get rid of stress- Not prefer 3D games that have complex settings and rules- Wanting to enjoy to change weapons and equipments even it’s simple gameArrow Catch 3D is an easy to play, exhilarating action game! If you are beginners of an arrow game, but you can enjoy by its simplicity.You can enjoy this app for free-to-play! So by all means download now and let’s become an arrow shooter!


Arrow Catch 3D – action game | iOS | Android | PC

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