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** As played by DanTDM: with action, danger, excitement, and stunning explosion Beat Stickman: Infinity Clones is the best action idle clicker game you’ve ever played.** Story:Once upon a time, in the Shadow dimension of an alternative universe, there lives a creature named Stickman which is made up of dark matter and ketchup. No one knows who created it, and why? Stickman can not feel pain or anything at all. Stickman cannot die too, it just can be destroyed and re-created immediately right after, again and again. And lastly, Stickman is cursed to be tortured forever, its destiny is to be beaten endlessly…well, until the end of space and time.As legend continues, the words from an old wise man say: whoever, regardless of universe and dimension, helps the Stickman with its destiny will be rewarded with the best reward of the multiverse: the great, great time of entertainment. And you, a strong joy seeking individual, set the begin to a long joyful adventure – to beat the Stickman!So, here you are, using a seemingly normal potato device, but you never fully knew what it’s capable of until now! This game will serve as a portal, using your potato to connect you to the space-time location where the Stickman inhabits, teleporting stuff from the Earth where you’re living (we’re just assuming) to the Shadow dimension to torture the Stickman to its destiny.** Features:- Great CLICKER experience- IDLE with PRESTIGE system- A mind-blowing sci-fi STORY- 28 unique unlockable WEAPONS- Innovative LUCKY WHEEL feature- DIFFERENT KIND of Stickman each with a unique ability- COLLECT hats- Many LEADERBOARDS to compete- An in-game COMMUNITYGet Beat Stickman: Infinity Clones and experience now!


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