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Meet the entirely new car drifting simulator which will give you the feelings of the real car racing experience. This car drift is created for all the lovers of extreme car racing games. The drifting simulator was created by real fans of car driving games so you may be sure that you will dive into the world of car racing games! We know how important it is to feel extreme while playing the drifting and racing simulator, so this app was created regarding all the real feelings you may have while driving a car. Try this drift game and you will get what we mean. That is not just a racing game, that is a real competition! Start now and compete with the best drivers in online driving multiplayer! You will have a chance to overcome the best racers of the game in the race along the city! To play our drift simulator no additional equipment is needed, just download the drifting simulator to the phone, open and enjoy the racing of the highest level! The game interface is quite simple, so you won’t spend any time getting the mechanism. If you are a beginner in drifting, this drift simulator will be surely loved by you as well, as we did everything possible, you could enjoy the racing simplicity! While enjoying the race, you can customize the vehicles according to your wishes! Choose the car model, color, change wheels, suspension and tinting to become number one in the drifting online multiplayer. This feature can make the experience of playing even more exciting as you will have a chance to become number one in the race with the vehicle you dream about! Start your own way to become a professional driver!Main features we added to the race:Vehicles customizationDrift simulatorEasy controllersLittle sizeFree drifting modeWe still have a lot of new features to impress you! The city is not the only place you can have a race along. If you want to make the competition even more extreme, just change the location of the drift! You can drive along the river, in the mountains and besides the lakes. The choice is yours! Just overcome all the obstacles and move forward to the finish! Car drifting games are not about the sunny weather, are they? Change the weather conditions to any you want, set the rain with thunder and take the advantage among your competitors! Car drift racing is a game for real extreme lovers who can come through all the obstacles and win this racing game! We know that even the most experienced players will find the drive simulator interesting and challenging! No more words are needed, this is time to become a professional extreme driver!Please feel free to contact us in case of any questions or suggestions!


Car Drift & Racing Simulator | iOS | Android | PC

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