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☆AirDrop EVENT OPEN!☆Everyone who participates in the AIRDROP EVENT will get 1 DECO token https://gleam.io/zl3fX/dark-eden-m-on-wemixairdrop-eventThe return of the unlimited battlefield MMORPG that will awaken your battle spirit again! “Dark Eden M on WEMIX” is the first online horror MMORPG which is dealing with confrontation and competition between the Slayers and the Vampires.☆Pre-register Event☆Following pre-register rewards will be given out to everyone who pre-register now!-Rank Medal (1,000) / Rare Transform Trial Ticket (1 Day) / Rare Pet Trial Ticket (1 Day) / Ride Upgrade Capsule (30) /Scroll of Transformation (6) / Scroll of Pet Summoning (6)Click the pre-register button now!☆ Official SNS Follow Event ☆Special rewards upon SNS followers will be sent!-5,000 Followers 100,000 Golds -7,000 Followers Belonging Reinforcestone Box-10,000 Followers Bag Slot Expansion Ticket -20,000 Followers Storage Slot Expansion Ticket-30,000 Followers 2nd-grade Rare Armor RecipeFollow our SNS page now!※ You can check further informations and events in our official website and SNS !!!▣ Worldview ▣The vampire masters have been searching for the fragment of Lilith’s soul, Blood Bible, sealed in Adam’s Holy Land for thousands of years. Lilith’s soul is the only way to free them from the curse of light. On the other hand, the Slayers were establishing a base and organization against the vampires, the so-called EVE.A bloody battle between the two races, a vampire looking for a Blood Bible, and a slayer with the will to protect mankind, is about to begin now.▣ Game Introduction ▣☞Never-ending bloodshed between the Vampires and Slayers “Dark Eden M on WEMIX”MMORPG game of battle between humans and vampires from all over the world!☞ 2 type of races and class Salyer (Melee): Assault, TitanSlayer (Ranged): Chaser, ValkyrieVampire (Melee): Bloodwalker, DemonicaVampire (Ranged): Darkeye, Occultist☞ Enhance the game experience while maintaining the game’s original intent!Featuring higher 2D Eastern Europe 2D graphic design!They look and play better than ever before while still staying true to the original vision including training, battle, and guild unity. Mobile optimized.★ One more special goal! ★Everyone can enjoy it! In Dark Eden M on WEMIX, the virtual world and real-world can be connected by blockchain.You can obtain game items that can be traded for Dark Eden coins through various routes including the battle while playing the game.We are doing our best to create the innovative combination of traditional MMORPG and the latest Play and Earn trend!Dark Eden M on WEMIX aim to not only provide amazing game experiences but also become an exceptional tool for players to increase their financial assets with every minute of play. Dive into the P&E world with Dark Eden M on WEMIX!■ App Permissions ■* Required Permissions *Storage: these permissions allow the game to save game data and screenshots.Official Website: http://darkedenm.wemadeconnect.com/Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DarkEdenMonWEMIX/Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/darkedenm


Dark Eden M on WEMIX | iOS | Android | PC

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How to use:

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