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Hi Parents, are you looking for an easy and simple educational application for your children to learn Chinese Mandarin effectively? If they fancy dinosaurs and games, then Dinosaur Chinese would be a great introduction. It provides kids with a safe environment and teaches kids basic Chinese characters(Hanzi) through fun and engaging game-based lessons. Start experiencing today!Learn alongside dinosaur friends and discover a love of Chinese!Dinosaur Chinese is designed for children aged 3-8 to learn Chinese characters as they battle the boss and defend the dinosaur base. Through superb courses, novel gameplay, and vivid graphics, children learn with ease and have fun as they memorize characters!Dinosaur Chinese has made great progress in helping kids learn Chinese characters by solving three problems with traditional instruction: low interest, difficult recognition, and poor memorization. ✅This isn’t passive learning. Dinosaur Chinese inspires initiative and helps children learn naturally. Children’s natural curiosity and drive to learn are gamified, inspiring their enthusiasm, and giving them endless motivation. Engaging learning scenes are combined with strategically chosen words and phrases that conform to children’s visual cognition habits and help them learn to love Chinese in just a few minutes!Traditional approaches are rigid, and this makes Chinese characters lose their inherent charm. The magic of Chinese is that it converts abstract symbols into concrete things. Dinosaur Chinese enables children to combine character cards as easily as they would building blocks. By combining these cards, they form a word and create a correlative image card. All of this is illustrated through entertaining animations. Recognizing Chinese characters becomes easy!💡Of course, there is the issue of children forgetting what they have learned. This is why Dinosaur Chinese employs a spiral methodology of instruction, having similar words and phrases appear repeatedly through corresponding scenes. With daily practice, Chinese character recognition becomes second nature. Once children complete specific scenes, they will find the hidden mechas! Look! The Boss is now approaching! Let’s help the little dinosaur to obtain mechas and battle against him. Defeat the mobs to obtain accessories, use them to assemble a cool mecha, and start to fight and defend!🙌 Main Content▶ 242 Chinese characters, 288 words, and 43 phrases frequently used by Chinese speakers 💬▶ 18 themed islands: future factory, magical world, jungle temple, sky city, tropical rain forest, space station, and more▶ 12 vivid characters, 18 projection instruments, and 72 mechas. Even driving the villains’ mechas is possible! 🥳▶ 312 exquisite image cards that bring joy to children🏆 Key Features◉ Short rhythm and high frequency that follows natural language absorption ◉ Free PK battles: Directly battle the villains using the mastered Chinese characters, words, and phrases!◉ Reasonable learning structure: First learn characters and then image cards◉ Kid-friendly Buttons to block accidental touch: Do not miss any focused learning and exciting robot battles!◉ No third-party advertising◉ Works offlineParents, inspiring kids to be actively engaged in learning is challenging today. Yateland products, however, stand on a different level. We genuinely hope that both boys and girls could explore without limits, have a blast with play, and build a solid foundation for learning.About YatelandYateland crafts apps with educational value, inspiring preschoolers across the globe to learn through play! With each app we make, we are guided by our motto: “Apps children love and parents trust.” Learn more about Yateland and our apps at yateland.com.Privacy PolicyYateland is committed to protecting users’ privacy. If you would like to know more about how we deal with these matters, please read our full privacy policy at https://yateland.com/privacy.


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