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Welcome to Dragon island🐉, a fantasy island where many adventures keep happening.Adventures on islands with dragons! Grow alpha dragons and explore islands harboring fun and mysteries.Collect the resources on islands, grow your dragons, and discover new dragon islands.Find the hidden sagas of dragon islands and explore the islands with full of secret quests – you will have great fun continuously disovering new content.Discover the story of the Hidden Dragon Island, the island where the quests are hidden, and feel the joy of discovering new content.🐲 DRAGON ISLAND FEATUERS 🐲Raising a dragon: The fun of discovering and growing alpha dragons!Collect various resources on Dragon Island, hatch & evolve baby dragons until they transform into powerful alpha dragons.Experience the joy of helping tiny and cute hatchlings grow into huge dragons. Explore the fantastic Dragon Island: Explore new world, acquire and utilize new resourcesGet the resources in the island and uprade your island.Harvest sweet dragon fruit and raise your dragon!The more dragon-loving pig barbecues and fish you make to earn eggs, the more you can meet the upgraded islands.Enjoy the upgrade: Become the best dragon trainer! 🏃‍♂️Become a dragon mania of dragon island.You can upgrade your character and worker dragons to grow them efficiently and create more powerful dragons.Easy and stress-free gameEasy playing is possible with just a light swipe with one finger.Anyone can enjoy the game with cute dragons without any trouble or stress.Play anytime, anywhere with no time limit.Collecting my own pets: Upgrade to Dragon Mania!You can build a collection of pet dragons that you have raised.Collected pet dragons will help resource production be easier by helping the work around the island, increasing the speed of production, and etc.Enjoy the fun, achievement, strategic play of building a pet collection.Become Dragon Mania with Dragon Island!


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Dragon Island Cheat and Hack Tool 2022 – Cheat your way in and hack your way out for fun and generate your in-App resources by using our tool. Available on PC, Android and iOS mobile.

How to use:

  1. Click the Hack Button to visit the Resource Generator
  2. Input your email and username if required.
  3. Select in-game premium resources you want.
  4. Check os platform of your device.
  5. Press Continue.
  6. Wait for the generator to process your request.
  7. Please answer atleast 1 or 2 surveys for verification. After that you will receive your resources.
  8. Launch your app or game to check if the resources are restored and ready to spend!
  9. Happy Hacking!

Cheat resources:

  • No Ads (Free Premium)
  • Unlimited Resources

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