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Cool blow, sweaty tension!You have to break through with only one sword in your hand!Beat your enemies and clear your stage by breaking through the trap!This is the Great Sword for the Stickman Action RPG game!Fight with a variety of monster and boss attack patterns!Test your limits with manipulation and reflexes!Enjoy the fun of action games with sophisticated batting and avoiding!Are you not confident in the control?Get special equipment from enemies and upgrade to become stronger!Contains elements of RPG games that enhance characters with level up!Main Stage- 5 zones, 9 stages and 10-20 sub-stage for each stage.- A total of 160 different stages!- Attack on your own with a variety of auxiliary weapons you can acquire on stage!- Meet 50 unique species of regular monsters and 20 different kinds of bosses!- Break through a variety of traps and sudden dangers with fantastic action!- Destroy the statue standing at the end of the stage and clear the stage!Time Attack Mode- Hang in there for a minute and hold on to the end of the great turbulence!- You have to survive as long as you can by defeating the ever-pumping enemies and earning your time!- Renew your ranking every day, every week, every month! There’s always a chance to be a Ranger!Various equipment, RPG elements- You can defeat your enemies and wear the equipment your enemies bring!- Decorate your own character with countless armor and swords!- Enhance your equipment with items you can acquire in the game!- More equipment will be updated!- Starter distribution via level up allows character to be nurtured in any direction!Stickman action RPG game, Great Sword!The Great Sword supports all indie game developers!The character animation of the Great Sword was made using Easytoon!* Great Sword can be downloaded and played free of charge, and goods can also be obtained through advertising or in-app payment. If you do not want to use the InApp payment function, please block InApp payment in Device Settings. Also, please read the terms and conditions and the privacy policy and check the age of use.Customer SupportIf you have any questions, please send them to [email protected]!Terms and Conditions: Policy:


Great Sword – Stickman Action RPG | iOS | Android | PC

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