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The great adventure to reclaim the royal palace, Pixel roguelike game, Guidus.The monsters of the abyss sealed under the royal palace have waken up after all. Although the tiwn prince and princess had uphill battles with last warriors of the royal palace, the twins ended up being defeated and exiled to the dungeon.You are the last warrior who awakend up in depths of the dungeon. Leave for an adventure to reclaim the royal palace and rescue the true heir to the realm with your companions. —————————————————◈ Various HeroesEnjoy continuously added new characters including swordsmen, archers, wizards, sylphs, and monks who are sleeping in a campfire. Collect heroes with various appearances and playing styles!◈ Distinct Skills and Super PowerEvery hero has its own unique, powerful skills including Shockwave, Thunder Hammer, Nova, etc. Use the skills to defeat enemies and escape the dungeon. ◈ Disverse Bosses and MonstersPrepare for battles with various-patterned monsters and powerful bosses who stand in your adventure.◈ Traps and TreasuresFind hidden treasures, overcome dangerous traps and break through the dungeon. Sometimes traps help you.◈ Mobile Action Rogue-like RPGExperience Rogue-like gameplay and growth factors in role-playing. Keep growing and challenging yourself. Combined together, Your skills and heroes will grow and make you stronger.◈ Adorable and Sophisticated Pixel graphicsEnjoy great pixel graphics showing with dots. Various characters, monsters, regions, and bosses allow you to enjoy the game.Contact Us:Email : [email protected] : Site : https://www.izzle.netDiscord :


Guidus : Pixel Roguelike RPG | iOS | Android | PC

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