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Collect legendary weapons, level up your hero, choose new skills, and rip through legions of monsters!Run, shoot, explore, and become stronger. Hordes of monsters and tons of loot are waiting for you.Choose a deadly weaponYou have over 50 powerful weapons, throwing accessories, and even ancient magical artifacts at your disposal. Everything will come in handy. What do you choose to become invincible?• Primary weapon — we do not have crossbows, bows or arrows, but we have pistols, blunderbuss, muskets, rifles, mortars, and carbines, which smash from afar• Melee weapon — all means are fair here, and the arsenal is suitable: clubs, swords, axes, hammers, and even whips• Throwing weapon — use it to strike the enemy while reloading the primary weapon: knives, boomerangs, darts, discs, and grenades• Magic weapon — the best answer when things get tense: staves, spell scrolls, and crystals of great powerChoose solid equipmentFind and equip armor from one set for unique benefits.• Protect your head — use everything from hats and caps to helmets, masks, and even goggles• Strengthen your chest — try on what you like, here a shirt, there a cuirass, or at least take this great cloak• Take your hands out of your pockets — they won’t freeze anymore with those gloves, gauntlets, or even bracers• Keep your feet warm — take a pair of boots, greaves, or leggingsChoose a reliable petYour faithful fighting friends are waiting for you. They will always cover your back at the right moment. Choose one that suits your play style!Explore numerous locationsBattle through ancient forests, icy wastelands, defiled swamps, and sinister castles in your quest to save the world. Over a thousand dungeons are waiting for you to solve their mystery.Dip in an exciting storyBecome a Hero! Or crush your enemies left and right. The choice is yours!Enjoy great graphicsFighting evil has never been so fascinating.Play your wayHeroics is the best free epic adventure action RPG about creating and leveling up a character. This fun level-passing game can be played both online and offline.Heroics is a unique fantasy game with a large selection of additional weapons, unique enemies and bosses, excellent graphics, and an exciting storyline. You’re going to love Heroics if you enjoy roleplaying dungeon runners or archer themed games.


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