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Junkworld is currently on soft launch! We are in the process of developing and improving the game. It will change and evolve as the development moves forward, we aim to create a brand new experience for you!From the creators of Kingdom Rush, comes JUNKWORLD! Our newest tower defense game. Quickly grasp new mechanics in its fast-paced stages and adjust your strategy to win the war between factions!Dive into an epic clash of factions, lead the brave Scavengers and help them with their campaign to save their people and win the war. Lead your gang through an inhospitable desert and a swamp full of toxic waste and use your best strategy to beat the tyrannical regime of the order in this devastated world.You will be in charge of stopping The Order. So clash with your enemies, but beware of the highly technological authoritative army force! Test your wits as you place towers and deploy tactics to move forward on your path to victory. Beat the challenges that this TD has for you, slain vicious mutated beasts, face despicable sand bandits, and ruthless soldiers from the order while you open your path to winning this war! In this TD game you can plan the best combination of towers like accurate snipers, lethal flamethrowers, and even a weird one that transforms enemies into sheep, don’t ask, we don’t know how that’s possible either. You will also have a Doctor by your side armed with a ray gun to heal the most serious wounds. Do you want a car transformed into a helicopter that throws bombs? We got that too!How about a warrior in a garbage can armor? Well, who told you that 5-Minute Crafts videos didn’t work? Mines and gas cylinders, among other explosive things, to clear your path. We got every little gadget your rebel heart desires in this TD game!This strategy game will test your wits as you place towers and tactics on the map to defend the exits on your path to victory. We dare you to beat the challenges you will face on each stage, plan the best combination of towers and tactics, and … clash with your enemiesUNLOCK AND UPGRADE TOWERS AND TACTICSPlace your towers wherever you want, the whole map is your playground! Efficiently manage your towers to stop your enemies by using their special skills. Discover the best combinations and uses for your tactics to bring them into battle. Equip your tactics and command your units to defeat your foes. – Gather and upgrade up to 11 towers with various abilities.- 9 tactics ready to be deployed… – Upgrade your cards to improve their stats and make them stronger for future challenges. TEST YOUR STRATEGY WITH DAILY CHALLENGES AND QUESTS- Prove yourself in the daily challenges and quests: set your strategy, lead your faction to victory and collect awesome rewards. – Junkworld brings hours and hours of gameplay in the best free tower defense game available! MAKE YOUR WAY THROUGH POST-APOCALYPTIC WORLDSBattle against dreadful enemies in a hostile post-apocalyptic world. Clash with enemy factions, survive the most challenging weather conditions and visit rough and dangerous places.- 40 challenging stages that will test your mettle…- 2 hostile terrains: explore and conquer the fearsome wasteland and radioactive marshes.If you are a Kingdom Rush fan, this tower defense game will delight you!


Junkworld – Tower Defense Game | iOS | Android | PC

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