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League of Angels: Chaos is a fantasy Action MMORPG designed to give you the ultimate RPG experience on mobile.Ragnarok has engulfed the world in chaos and the heavens themselves have been torn asunder. You, a champion of the gods, are the last hope to bring back order and restore the realm.Embark on your journey to become a legend![Game Features]〓 Summon Angels ◆ Unleash True Power 〓Summon forth the Angels and wield their divine power!Each Angel possesses mighty abilities that will change the tide of battle.Attack, Defense and Support-orientated Divine Blessings add more strategy to the combat.〓 3 Legendary Classes ◆ Unique Combat 〓Choose from Dragoon, Mage or Archer, each with their own skill sets and play styles.Dragoon – Champion of justice that fights to uphold honor and the glory of his order. Wielding massive blades on each hand, he is a whirlwind of steel and death on the battlefield.Mage – Master of the elements that controls the primal forces at his fingertips. Possessing generations of knowledge, he can unleash devastating spells on his foes.Archer – Deadly marksman that never misses her mark. Trained by the ancient elves, her mastery of the bow is unmatched even by the gods themselves.Plus more classes coming in future updates!〓 Alliance Warfare ◆ Cross-Server Conquest 〓Participate in cooperative Raids, join powerful Alliances, fight across Cross-Server battlegrounds, and claim glory for your server!Clash in spectacular battles solo or alongside your comrades in a highly immersive combat experience!〓 Forge Equipment ◆ Become A Champion 〓Collect all kinds of gear, including equipment sets and Divine weapons; Craft and enhance your way to greatness!Forge Legendary Equipment, upgrade Set Attributes, build up your power to conquer the battlefield!Charge into battle on mythical Mounts while and illuminated Wings.〓 Trade Freely ◆ In-depth Planning 〓Trade to your heart’s content at the Auction House! Find the perfect equipment or make a profit playing the market!Carefully plan your resource management to get ahead of the competition!〓 Loot Loot and More Loot ◆ Auto Progression 〓Every Instance, Boss, and Raid showers you with shiny loot.Farm without lifting a finger with auto mode! Make progress even when you can’t access your phone!Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LeagueofAngelsChaosFB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/loachaosofficial/Discord: https://discord.gg/a24Z7P3KGSWebsite: https://loachaos.gtarcade.com/


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