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Features:✿Immersive ReadingExperience exhilarating emotions as the main character in countless stories!✿Character CustomizationMake your love interest fall head over heels for you with stylish outfits and accessories!✿Choices MatterYou determine the story and pursue relationships with the characters by making different choices!✿Multiple GenresRomance, drama, thriller, sci-fi, campus life, supernatural… Be the star of each story as you experience different lifestyles!✿Talented WritersOur writers’ stories have enthralled countless readers. Which will you read next?Our Stories:❤Falling for My BoyYou are hiding an unmentionable secret from your BFF—you’ve been dating her handsome son! Will this episode of romance unfold as you hope?❤Canary’s RevengeA powerful man has his eye on you. Locked up in his manor like a canary in a cage, determined to break free and take your revenge, you team up with a mysterious man. How this episode will go is completely up to you.❤Professor CrushIn this story, you attend college against your family’s wishes. Besides handling the challenging classes, will you be able to make your professor reveal his feverish passion for you beneath his cool exterior?❤Lamp of Enchantment Drunk and driven by curiosity, you rub a lamp with your sleeve and a genie appears! After making a wish for your dashing boss to fall in love with you, you wake up by his side! Will this episode go as you wish? ❤Love Shuffle After your boyfriend dumps you out of boredom, you join a game called “Love Shuffle” where you draw cards to get a new partner a day, including a Hollywood star, your bestie, and your biggest enemy… Many choices await!❤Under Your Skin You are a young criminal psychology major caught up in a murder case with the prime suspect. As your fates entwine, you must make your choices carefully—will you capture his heart, or fall into a venomous abyss? ❤My Boyfriend’s Best FriendJackson is a club owner, and your boyfriend Stuart’s best friend. After Stuart screws you over, you decide to get back at him while dragging Jackson into the fray…❤At GunpointYou are a cunning young man who swindles people with your good looks. But when you get cornered by a cop, an unlikely romance story begins the moment your eyes meet.❤Mission or Romance Your mission hits rock bottom when you, an assassin, fall in love with your next target, a CEO. Will you put a bullet through his heart, or pursue this forbidden romance? ❤Competing with My Boss You work at a cutthroat video game production company with the best and the brightest in the industry. It’s the last place you’d expect to find a love story. But the real games begin when your boss takes a sudden interest in you…❤Dangerous BondYou are a nurse by day, and the queen of a fantasy Club by night—until a handsome CEO and a charming doctor tempt you to indulge in dangerous moments that threaten to send your life spinning out of control…❤Boss Under My RoofYou’ve always been a small-town girl at heart, but the prospect of your dream job has you traveling to New York City for the interview of a lifetime. Your new life takes an unexpected turn the moment a mysterious man appears in your new apartment…❤Alpha’s ClaimIn this supernatural thriller, you are a formidable vampire hunting a cunning werewolf on the run. Your domineering nature attracts him from the moment you meet. But will your positions reverse as the days go by?❤My Pet Is a WerewolfYou found a dog during one of the darkest moments of your life. However, this doesn’t seem to be your everyday dog…❤It Started in MadridIt’s your eighth winter away from home as you travel to the enchanting city of Madrid. In a local church, you encounter a handsome stranger. Will this moment develop into a love story?


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