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Calling all masterminds! Your brilliant strategizing power is requested. Only with your command can we achieve victory!GAME OVERVIEWLuna Storia RE is a turn-based strategy role playing game. With unique attack patterns and skills for each hero, you must plan and optimize your attacks to maximize damage dealt to your opponents.Every campaign, dungeon and challenge will test your ability to command your heroes, whom originate from fairy tales and legends all over. Enhance and upgrade your heroes and build your ultimate team. Increase your collection to assemble teams to conquer various challenges you will face. Epic boss fights will test you, but once you pass, bountiful rewards await you. One brilliant move could be the difference between crushing defeat or glorious victory. Dive into the wonderful and exciting world of Luna Storia RE.FEATURESTurn-based Strategy Role Playing GameSuper Cute HeroesSatisfying Combo SystemCompetitive Guild SystemImproved Hero EnhancementMultiple Dungeon ModesOffline Mode CORE GAMEPLAYPosition your heroes to maximize your attacks or guard against your opponents!Three Classes: Protector, Conqueror, Supporter. Each with a specialized role.Five elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Light, and Dark. Unique strengths and weaknesses.Ultimate Skills: Each hero has a unique Ultimate Skill which can turn the tide of battle.Talents: Specialty skills which can give you an advantage.Combos: Coordinate your attacks to deal the most damage.Terrain: Gain bonuses from your surroundings.Want to relax? Auto mode lets the heroes fight for you! Take command when the battle intensifies. New offline mode means you can gather resources even when you are not in the game. Log back in and collect your rewards and upgrade your heroes.Join Nana and jump into Luna Storia RE!


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