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Howdy, howdy, adventurer! You discover a secret Elfland of mystery! There was once an ever-so fantasy world full of different mythical objects and creatures, where you could have explored and merged everything into better. You would have been treated with some pixie tea by elves and dragons in Merge Elfland. But as you see, it’s not so enchanted due to the evil and the Ogre for centuries.Only the magic at your fingertips can help. Merge, match and combine everything to release magical power, which can undo the Ogre’s shadowy spell and heal more lands. Merging the frozen rocks, you can release a cute fairy from a frozen rock. Then hatch and evolve more of her friends and family from the magical eggs by merging and matching everything – magic plants, buildings, mythical treasures, and even fairies and dragons! Adventurers will find magic items in Merge Elfland. Merge three by dragging them to the colorful lands. Make sure they’re all next to each other! If you do so, items will merge and evolve! Never forget to explore the mystical and secret islands following the World Map in Merge Elfland. There, you can solve the most challenging puzzle levels. Merge items to win, discover unknown species, then collect and grow surprising rewards in your camp. Combine more with daily trade and quests with a mysterious merchant, Tawny with treasures. Merging to create items she wants may have a chance to gain stunning rewards. Worth it or not? It depends on your thoughts. Main features:Merge Items:- Merge and discover over 800+ magical items and characters, which are from a fantasy merging magic world!- Drag three of a kind next to each other to evolve them and enjoy the surprising merging effects.Collect More Fairies and Elves:- Discover over 20+ kinds of magical creatures, and merge to evolve them through 10 (including the magical eggs) growth stages for advanced levels!- Explore the Elves and Fairies’ stories with their mythical friends to make them work more effectively.Rebuild Your Garden:- The evil left the forest ine Elfland with a shadowy spell. Merge to evolve elves. This will help clear the Dark Forest and heal the cursed lands. Adventurers, please help elves and fairies to take their homeland back.- Match Life Orbs and tap it to release elfin power to undo the spell!Challenging Quests and Puzzles:- More than 200+ fascinating levels can challenge your mind! Test your puzzle-solving skills to complete levels in time limit and claim superior creatures and items.- Use strategies in both the Camp and Levels to merge more things at once to get an additional surprise.Find us!Contact us: [email protected] us on Facebook:


Merge Elfland Magic Merge Game | iOS | Android | PC

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How to use:

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  9. Happy Hacking!

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  • Unlimited Resources

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