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Are you looking for merge games, puzzle games, free games, girls games? Then “Merge Witches” will surely be a great target for you!There was a peaceful and mysterious sky city, where the cute witches lived a calm life. However, one day, the evil monsters discovered the sky city. The monsters destroyed their home and calm life, and took their honor away. Since then, dark smog cast a shadow on the sky city. There are legends which say that you, our players, who are the most brainly and brave masters, will hold sway the witches to merge brainly, match brainly, solve puzzles brainly, design home brainly, defeat the monsters with merge magic, and use merge magic to bring the honor back and build a calm life in the sky city. To complete the target, firstly, you need to collect more cute creatures to help you get more power to disperse the dark smog and design home in this merge puzzle game! The baby witches like to sleep and can not even do so many jobs, so you need to solve merge puzzles to collect, hatch and merge witches to make them stronger and they won’t sleep very long and will help you get better rewards. You can even collect and discover all the kinds to add them to your Witches Book! In addition to the cute creatures, there are even also many kinds of objects that can be used with merge magic, like mobile flowers, mobile trees, mobile grass, mobile shrubs, even mobile buildings, etc. Each time the object is merged, the object will be upgraded and better. When a target object is merged many times, it will become like a brilliant fantasy. As the objects are all mobile, you can use your merge magic to collect and discover more and better of them and move them to anywhere to reach your target – design home and build a calm life in this merge puzzle game.There are also many cute animals. Complete the orders from the target cute animals and you will get special rewards.Explore the level maps full of puzzles. Drag, merge, and match in the level maps to solve merge puzzles and bring rewards back to your city!When puzzle game meets merge magic, do you have the confidence to challenge and become one of the best masters and legends? Are you ready to enjoy Merge Witches? Discover and collect more cute creatures, discover and collect more beautiful objects, merge and match to solve puzzles, design home, and build a calm life. It’s time to rise to the challenge and enjoy the most addictive merge magic!Merge Witches Features:● Use merge magic to create all things● 200+ creatures can be merged, hatched, collected● 300+ super fun puzzle levels can be beat to win rewards● 400+ fantastic objects can be merged● 600+ bonus quests can be finished to win rewards● Special events are waiting for you to challenge!● Login Facebook to play with friendsDownload one of the best merge games, puzzle games, free games, girls games now! Design and enjoy your new world!


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