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Miners Settlement: Idle RPG is a clicker game which will take you on an open-world adventure full of fantastical creatures. Go on a mighty quest to craft equipment, mine for materials and fight enemies in classic RPG battles! The open world is placed in a small miners settlement and it’s up to you to unravel the immersive story behind their village. Help the villagers through trading materials, mining and crafting. Complete epic quests and explore the progressive storyline of this idle clicker game!Key Features of Miners Settlement: Idle RPG🗺️ Open world.Immersive open world you will have endless fun exploring! Uncover the mysteries of the mine, face the horrors of the dungeons and explore over 60 tower floors!🏡 A true storyline behind the game.Constant story and character progression! Rebuild your village and meet various friends and foes throughout the open-world storyline.⚖️ Trade materials and get profits.You’ve got some extra resources you’re not sure what to do with? Trade your free idle materials for needed assets and profits! ⚔️ Classical old-school RPG battles.Miners Settlement: Idle RPG has an enjoyable fighting mechanism with classic turn based combat! Fight various creatures such as trolls, goblins and even the fearsome Necromancer!🤏 Immersive idle clicker game mechanics.Lose yourself in the open-world idle story with addictive clicker mechanics!Gather resources, craft a broad variety of equipment and upgrade your character as the story progresses.🤖 Built-in auto clicker.Tired of clicking? Activate the auto clicker and collect materials even when you’re away from your phone!📜 Dozens of quests to be completed.Complete one mighty quest after another! Set off on an open-world adventure and become a hero!Do you enjoy idle clicker games? Download Miners Settlement: Idle RPG and enjoy the open-world pixel game with its immersive storyline!Official website: http://www.funventure.eu


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