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Old school action RPG roguelike with manual combat.Powerlust is an old school action RPG roguelike with manual combat and a dark atmosphere.Completely free, no ads, no p2wMicro transactions are just donations with some cool cosmetic rewards like different camera perspectives (top down, TPP, FPP), camera filters, character customization and the bloodbath mode. There are also some quality of life features like a faster character specialization unlock and a shared item stash.Made by one guyHobby project made by one guy (me). I spent quite a few years on it already. No huge corporations involved :)No rigid classesYou can create your own class, nothing is locked, feel free to play as a fire mage wielding a two handed sword or a necro archer.Tons of masteries and skillsThere is a vast number of options to choose from when it comes to spells, weapons, abilities and masteries. You can create a ton of builds and constantly find new ways of crushing your enemies!Still in developmentThis game is under ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT, I have many updates planned for it. I’d appreciate any feedback, it will be a really huge help in further development. Check out my twitter for constant updates and share your thoughts via email at [email protected]:- skill based gameplay- no auto fight mechanics- hardcore permadeath mode for roguelike fans- procedurally generated dungeons- gamepad support


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