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Puzzle Twist is an easy-to-play jigsaw game! It takes all the classic experiences we love of jigsaws and makes them accessible at your fingertips. Engage in an effortless, relaxing, and soothing experience where everything enhances your gameplay, from the high-quality images and curated sounds to the unique gameplay. Reveal over 1000 unique puzzles, integrated into over 20 themed packs. The more you solve, the more you unlock. Dive into a unique puzzle-solving environment and challenge yourself with varying levels of difficulty with diverse jigsaw puzzles. Challenge yourself with jigsaws with up to 100 pieces. If that was not enough, get surprised with a unique daily challenge that will satisfy your regular brain-crunching appetite. It will also provide some stress relief from those busy and crazy days, relax and TWIST.Puzzle Twist is full of features. Discover them all for free:Tons of high-quality pictures, included in a variety of theme packs, sports, nature, pets, and more.Daily free puzzle.Choose your difficulty, adjusting the number of pieces, going from easy up to a master difficulty.A variety of changing pieces and shapes to keep your experience fresh and entertaining.Chill and curated sound design. Enjoy the relaxing ambiance created as you solve away. Available hints to help you when you are stuck or if you just want to speedily unlock the hidden image, it is up to you.Use your pictures and convert them to personal and customized puzzles just for yourself.Custom backgrounds to choose from and to personalize your experience. Boost your brainpower and Twist the stress out of your day with this new and unique jigsaw puzzle game. Enjoy this new title brought to you by Infinity Games, a market expert in minimal and relaxing gameplay! We are excited to bring you more and more features in future updates. Check us out at: https://infinitygames.io


PuzzleTwist: AntiStress Jigsaw | iOS | Android | PC

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