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Ratropolis, the greatest of all the murine metropolis, plagued by the corrupted, covered with the infected.Survived escaped the city once-glorious,but the threat never let them rest.In this grave danger, survivors are waiting for the one to bring salvation. With the exceptional skills and strategy, who will defend the new homeland and rebuild the great city of Ratropolis? * Real time strategic tower defense card game!To protect the city safely, what required is focus on choices. Starved zombies will never let you rest. With over 500 cards of economy, military, and buildings, choose wisely to protect the city. * Various leaders with significant abilitiesThe 6 leaders of Merchant, General, Architect, Scientist, Shaman, and Navigator, will lead the city with their own styles. Build your deck fits to the leader and rebuild Ratropolis. * Very addictive! You will want more as you play!Around 100 events will give you the new experience every time you play. Focus on what the advisors suggest you. Get new effect and cards to protect the city. As you experience more, you will get more interested. * Adventure, challenge, battle and survival! Prepare the Plan!It is not easy to keep the settlement safe. Enemies invade more harshly as the time goes, and sometimes challenging bosses will follow. This foundation might get crushed, but do not worry. There will always be survived rats, awaiting with new hope. * Easy to, Fun to, and Free to PlayWherever you want, whenever you wish, you will be able to play the game. Survived rats will continue living under your rule. Defend the city from devastating enemies and build the greatest Ratropolis among history.You can also play Ratropolis on PC, Steam too.Enjoy real-time deck building combined with tower defense! Play Free Now!* System Requirements *Minimum:CPU Dual-Core3GB RAM


Ratropolis : CARD DEFENSE GAME | iOS | Android | PC

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