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★ Rising Star Official SNS★Share various in-game information from space and check out the events offered here, Commander. https://www.facebook.com/FUN-STAY-110747103968743◈ Account Registration Event ◈With gratitude to all users who achieved account level 3 ▶ 1 Destroyer class ship▶ 30,000 Credits▶ 30 Enhancement catalyst for major equipments▶ 3 sets of skill reinforcement materials (4 kinds in a set) We will pay out all of the above rewards! ▶ Game Features ◀■ Collecting ships by assembling and crafting the ship’s components. Build and collect ships using dozens of different ships’ components through missions and rewards from various battles. ■ A new way of puzzle-element battle called Weapon Marbles. Every weapon on the ship has launch marbles that can activate its own weapon.If you combine and use those weapon marbles based on your tactics and strategic judgment, you can easily defeat your enemy.■ Collect ships of various sizes to form a team, then drag and drop them on the battlefield to defeat your opponents. Plan tactics to defeat your opponents and place the collected ships on the battlefield. Target your opponents’ tactics by mass-producing identical ships and placing them in various locations.■ Dozens of skills and spectacular attractionsFire up fancy futuristic weapons like plasma guns that cut through the screen, various missiles, and railguns with a powerful blast. ■ A story of the main character’s return with unexpected plot twistsHaving lost his memory, he left alone in search of his identity and began a long journey to find his way back.Are you ready to follow the faintly emerging memories to reclaim your forgotten past? Now the journey is about to begin.We hope you become the star of new history with Rising Star, a space strategy ship collection game with a touch of puzzles. ▶ Mobile App access permission guideline ◀We do not request special access permission when using the app.


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