Roblock Octopus: Survival Game

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All players, pay attention: the game is about to begin!!!Do you want to be participant number 456? Be the only one to win the 45.6$ billion Golden Piggy Bank by eliminating all other competitors. Pass all of the levels to become the champion and receive your well-deserved awardOne and only rule is DON’T DIEGreen light red light, Dalgona challenge, Tug of war, The midnight fight, Glass bridge, and Marble rolling are all part of the Roblock Octopus: Survival Game series of K-Games. Your aim is to survive, win all of these Korean games, and beat everyone else to get your hands on the golden piggy bank🚨 K CHALLENGE 🚨- Green Light, Red Light: The two rules you must follow are “Stop when red and Run when green.”- Dalgona Challenge: Break the candy into various shapes such as a star, umbrella, circle, and so on- Tug of War: Use your strength to defeat the opposing squad. Remember that just half of you will survive this game- Marble Rolling: Play marbles into the correct hole in one shot; don’t allow your opponent win this game- Glass Stepping Stone: Choose the proper glass stone so that your fate does not end in regret- More and More🦑 GAME FEATURES 🦑- Many levels with different difficulty- Levels are constantly being updated- Simple design, easy to control- Beautiful and vivid Roblock graphics with realistic soundsWelcome to Roblock World, where you will be winner and take piggy prize in Roblock Octopus: Survival Game DOWNLOAD NOW and try your luck


Roblock Octopus: Survival Game | iOS | Android | PC

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