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Skyward City – Urban Tycoon is an incremental game where you can develop and build a city by establishing different districts. Hire managers (mayors) who will automate the process of earning through city districts.Do you love idle clickers, economy games, and money’s tycoons? You have just found a perfect one. Start with almost nothing and become a smart money maker and cash clicker. Expand your city empire and make wise investments to become a millionaire, a billionaire and beyond! Generate high profits, build your own business empire and get rich.Skyward City – Urban Tycoon will allow you to expand the city empire with districts like:- Residential (houses and villas)- Trade (shopping malls)- Office (office buildings)- Heavy industry (small factories and large plants)- Apartments (apartment buildings)- Scientific (universities, laboratories, startups)- Hi-Tech industry (factories, spaceports)- Special districts (power plants, parliaments, parks, airports, casinos)Mayors are the district managers. Assign a mayor to each district to generate profit automatically.Build an airport that will allow you to travel and visit the cities of your friends. You can track your friend’s city through their nickname or the name of the city. Once a day, you can assign a gift to another player. This gift comes as a balloon.Your goal is to collect as much cash and as many inhabitants as possible. Spend to make more money and be the best player on the leaderboard!By downloading the game you accept our End User License Agreement, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy: us anytime at [email protected]


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