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Spider Stickman Rope Hero is one of the most popular games for everyone who loves a hero! Come play Spider Stickman Rope Hero and enjoy first-class smooth animations as Spider Stickman moves freely around Gangster Crime City like never before. Spider Stickman Rope Hero main features:Super rope hero saves the gangster crime city from car snatchers, mafia gangsters, terroristsMafia gangster crime city in detailed environments with different viewsCity rope hero adventure in a gangster vegas city to explore the grand crime citySuperhero stories, including amazing spider rope heroSpider Stickman is a highly futuristic grand city crimeAmazing superhero jump high to cover the larger distances of rope heroNinja rope hero stories in the grand crime cityMafia gangster overwhelming web in gangster crime cityNinja rope hero game help you unlock more superhero suits to playIntense superhero action combination-fused crime-fighting by shooting webs at bullet firing opponents and punching all your enemies in this cool crime-filled thriller game.Spider Stickman Rope Hero gameplay:Superhero fighting in the gangster crime city with cool music & soundsNinja rope hero game with nice graphics and beautiful animations of grand crime cityStunning spider rope hero gameplay with a variety of superhero levelsSuperhero with fantastic action thrilled gameplay of ninja heroRope hero fights against the incredible mutants who are destroying the buildings and offices Spider Stickman Rope Hero how to play:Spider Stickman is in the air using a rope at every pointSuperhero fight as a savor of your futuristic city not for yourself in a battle zoneShow your rope hero shooting skills and stop all the villains standing in your wayCity rope heroes defeat enemies and stop their illegal activities from the street grand cityMafia gangster using your rope hero building climbing stylesGrand city makes you run like a rope hero in ninja frog gameIn gangster vegas, superpower spider can save the peopleSpider Stickman combat skills in this alliance battleThe Spider Stickman rope game with rope hero climb because of your flying strategies in this superhero alliance battle and no one can beat you in this grand crime city.Spider Stickman Rope Hero is fighting in your support, you are everyone’s hope and they are calling you my amazing spider hero, show some super villain stealthy action for the survival of your futuristic grand city and make it secure.Strange gangster vegas in the superhero suite come to save the grand crime city world. Rope hero will fight various mafia gangsters till the end.


Spider Stickman Rope Hero | iOS | Android | PC

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