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Indulge yourself in a wide variety of stories and live your dream life!You can find every type of story you can imagine—science fiction, romance, mysteries, legendary tales, and more!In each story, you get to make important choices and decide your own fate.Features:✦Create your favorite characters!✦Enjoy romantic, amazing and breathtaking experiences!✦Choose for yourself and create your own destiny!✦Experience different ways of life through unique immersive storytelling techniques!Extraordinary books in Stories:I am the Wild [SEASON 1 FINISHED]-The Night Brothers are four vampire lawyers, and you’re their new assistant!-Can you help them solve a murder mystery in this fantasy world, or will their flirting distract you? Play to find out!The Sea’s Lost Daughter-On a summer trip to a beach house with your friends, an accident sends you crashing into the ocean! When you wake up, you discover that you’re a mermaid!-Win the heart of the enemy spy, the kind-hearted warrior who rescued you, or your best friend who’s had feelings for you for years.-Can you use the power of love to overthrow the evil king and save your true home in the sea?Courting Desire- Magically transported back in time to 1667, France, you investigate the King’s attempted assassination…- Thrown into court intrigue, and a steamy love triangle with a Prince and a Duke, will you ever find your way home… And will you even want to?How to Catch a Cheater- You’re a fidelity inspector, testing the loyalty of people’s partners for a living, and you’re a damn good one at that. But good might not be enough when you’re hired to test New York’s most desired bachelor, Matt Dalton, COO of Silverstein Corp.- While posing as his assistant, your job is to seduce him and get him into bed before New Year’s Eve, but when you discover Matt is an old flame of yours, things get messy.- Snuggle up on the couch with this romance-filled, winter wonderland story.Sing for Me-You’ve just arrived in NYC, ready to start your new life, when the hottest pop star in the music scene crashes into you!-Lucas Lucky is charming, flirty, and determined to make you his muse. But there’s a stalker trailing his every move, and you’re the new target.-Keep your wits about you as you navigate the glamour and perils of fame in this steamy thriller!Dear Diary- When the love of your life proposes to another woman, you’re given a chance to travel back in time and change the past!- Reliving your college days, can you steal his heart before it’s too late? Or will his best friend steal yours instead?Merlin: Love & Destiny-The daughter of a blacksmith, you discover you are the descendant of a persecuted tribe of Druids.. Will you continue living your ordinary life or fulfill the responsibility endowed by fate?-Along the way, two men stand out to escort and guide you. Will you fall for the handsome Lancelot, or the charming Arthur?-Throughout your legendary journey, each choice will affect your mission of rejuvenating your people!Spring Paradise-The people closest to you keep disappearing, and you’re being hunted by mysterious strangers! What will you do? Run for your life? Or fight against this strange new power?- What happened in the Forbidden Forest 60 years ago? What secret is buried there?Follow


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