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From the Usborne Foundation’s Teach Your Monster — the team behind the award-winning Teach Your Monster to Read — comes a brand new world to explore, all about boosting kids’ confidence with numbers and making math practice fun.Designed with experts in early years math to align with the Pre-K curriculum, Teach Your Monster: Number Skills will reinforce critical number abilities such as splitting numbers in useful ways using number bonds, the fundamentals of addition and subtraction, counting, and subitizing — recognizing numbers of things without counting. The more kids play with these core concepts, the better their number sense becomes, giving them a solid foundation for success in math, in school and beyond.Incorporating the latest research on early years math, the game, which spans across 40 exciting levels — with more coming soon — is designed for children aged 4 to 6+ and continually adapts, rapidly becoming more challenging as children progress. The pace of play is tailored to each child, only moving on when the child has mastered the concept they are practicing. More confident children can fast track to the level best suited to them while ensuring any gaps in their knowledge are covered — crucial in avoiding problems when exposed to more advanced concepts in the future.Meet Queenie Bee and her friends as you explore the park, customize your monster, and collect prizes to play with in your Prize Palace — learning through play never stops in Number Park. From dodgems to bouncy castles, fun-filled games offer exciting, new ways to practice number skills again and again. Hang on tight, it’s going to be a magical ride!TOP FEATURES WITH AN EXPERT PEDAGOGYBased on global research data and developed in partnership with leading primary and early years mathematics experts Bernie Westacott, Dr. Helen J. Williams and Dr Sue Gifford, the game’s innovative approach means kids work with numbers up to 5 — up to 10 coming soon — in greater depth, and are supported in developing a strong understanding of core mathematical concepts involving numbers.Children get to practice:- Counting — including the surprisingly complex array of concepts that feed into this, such as stable order, 1-2-1 correspondence, cardinality, order irrelevance, unitizing etc.- Subitizing — also known as the ability to recognize numbers of things without counting; research has increasingly shown the importance of practicing this often-neglected skill.- Number bonds — including how to use them to split up numbers and recombine them in valuable ways.- Addition and Subtraction — building on their work with number bonds, children learn the fundamentals of addition and subtraction.- Manipulatives — the game uses many familiar manipulatives to represent number problems in lots of different ways, including fingers, five frames, ten frames, and dice patterns.BENEFITS OF TEACH YOUR MONSTER: NUMBER SKILLS- Kids have fun while practicing numbers — learning through playing mini-games makes math practice enjoyable and exciting- Helps kids develop a strong foundation in numbers and math- Ensures that any gaps in their knowledge are found and filled in- Curriculum alignment means that kids can put their learnings from the classroom into practiceABOUT USWe’re Teach Your Monster – a non-profit that creates magical, fun-filled learning games for kids.With the help of friendly monsters, playful design and out-of-this-world storytelling, we work with leading academics to create beautifully crafted games kids love to play.Trusted by teachers and parents, our innovative products aim to engage even the most reluctant of learners.We’re part of The Usborne Foundation — a charity set up by Peter Usborne CBE of Usborne Publishing, to support early years learning. We believe every child should have the opportunity to reach their full potential in early years and beyond.


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