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FT Games has come out with its latest master piece, the MMORPG, with a variety of adventure settings for you to explore. With the Four Great civilizations competing and cooperating, select your team of heroes accordingly, and defeat the monsters together!Search out for the mysterious Hero Trace world, and discover this vast land of magic.Acquire all sorts of heroes, discover powerful weapons, lead strong groups of troops and conquer exciting challenges!Go through this game of never-ending features to unlock and acquire more attributes. In order to reduce the quest burden on players, we’ve instilled more rational amount of attempt limitations in all varieties of the gaming featuresThe main playing methods consists of battle rounds. Release hero skills during automatic battles of heroes, making battle items have different tactics and changes.Develop your imagination by creating your own special hero with its own colors and skill operations. Become victorious and enjoy the abundance of features in this game!Game features【The fun of endless amount of tactical playing】Unique hero designs and surprise skill settings.Heroes can lead different kinds of troops to battle.Unique methods for carrying troops into battle,an abundance of combinations of troop tactics and selections for battle.【A vast world map】A vast world, with an immense amount of map area to explore.All sorts of environments including: Forests, glaciers mountains, marshes, deserts and volcanoesPlundering altars and Monster Instances just waiting to be explored!【Arrange an unlimited amount of guild battles】We all but have only one goal!To claim victory!Fight intense battles with other guilds!Join other members to fight as one against the strongest guild!【Exciting Arenas】Battle it up with players from all around the world!Arrange hero formations and make your battles 100% strategic!Battle with players from around the world and display your own unique battling tactics!【A variety of methods for interaction included】Email, socialize, befriend, form alliances.With these interaction methods available, you and your friends will easily be able to fight side by side with each other in battle!


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