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Over the course of history, there have been hundreds of kings who were once the guardians of land across the world. But today, other than their names, they are nowhere to be found. Legend has it that Fusion Cube is an artifact guarded by the Himiko Family for generations. It is said that the kings of all ages will bow down to the one who unlocks it. And you, are the chosen one……Hundreds of EmperorsDiscover hundreds of Valkyries in live 2D and chibi style with their own unique skills and stories. Come and collect all your favorites! You will see how powerful they are during battles!A Variety of Classes and ElementsUse the element and class system wisely. You will lead your Valkyries to victory by deploying different formations according to the type of enemies you face.Develop Your Favorite ValkyrieYou may level up and star up your Valkyries by feeding them with resources to make them stronger, and deepen your relationship with them by having interactions in their dormitory. Once you get close to them and help them become stronger, you will receive mysterious portraits from them.Build a Society With Your FriendsBuild your own society and find like-minded friends to help you conquer the campus. Fight bosses and join seasonal society battles to face off against other societies. You can also boost different buffs in your team!A Variety of DungeonsMake sure you check out the Ise Ruins and different types of dungeons on the map to get more resources for your Valkyries!Follow us and join our Discord channel for various events and giveaways!☞ Discord:☞ Customer Support Email:


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