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In [War of Survivors], use your wits and strategies to engage in multiplayer online battles in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. You have do more than survive in this barren land. Your mission is to create your Base, research technology, and use your troops to defeat enemies, occupy territory, and expand your land. Full of real-time strategy elements, it’s up to you to become the hegemon of this wasteland and usher in an era of peace for humanity.——Unique Gameplay——-Exquisite Art and Fluid Controls-From your Base to the Wasteland.Enjoy scenes of barren wilderness and unique infrastructure presented on a map in 3D. Each scene is crafted in so much detail that even the cracks in the mountain and ripples in the water can be seen.Navigate with two fingers and enjoy this world at your fingertips!-Flexible Strategies and Real-Time Command-Tired of sitting by while your troops march? You can personally command every Squad and prepare to attack anytime. Your handy battle strategies will be put to good use!-Hegemon of the Wasteland-Challenge players from around the world. Crush them all, and rise to the top!-Game of Survival-Our once-great civilization is no more, and you have to ensure your survival! Along with your dog, you’ll have to make sense of this game of survival, exploration, and development. Good luck!-Design Your Base-Develop your own Base! Construct and upgrade legendary buildings for research and training. Lead your Base to greater heights!-Recruit Talented Companions-Companions have unique talents and strengths. They can walk the wastelands themselves, or lead troops to crush your enemies!-Battle Enemies and Mutants-The wasteland is also home to creatures who have mutated after the nuclear winter, as well as uncontrolled robots and other devious forces. Ready your weapons!===Information===Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/WarofSurvivorsENNote: This game requires an internet connection to play.Customer Service: [email protected]


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