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***This is an Early Access version of Wildsong, we’d love to hear what you think of our game!.***From the makers of Star Stable Online, Wildsong is an enchanting animal adventure game for kids! Craft a deep bond with horses and adorable animals in a world full of mystery, magic and wonder.Those that can hear the whisper of the wild have a responsibility to make sure that what the wild has to say is made known to those that cannot hear. Do you know how to hear the wildsong?Super fun game features:• Talk to horses! It’s your superpower.• Decorate your homestead with cute furniture and accessories!• Find and be friends with adorable animals—Horses, llamas, foxes, sheep, Dogs, cats and even a golden chicken! What other magical creatures could be out there?• Build friendship with the animals you meet- Go on awesome adventures and discover the Rolling Hills, Saltstone and more!• Take care of your own home• Get Pets• Safe and secure for kids, your privacy is our first priority!Make animal friendsDid we mention you can talk to horses? Run free in a gorgeous game landscape filled with the most magical animals you’ve ever seen! Earn their trust, and you might just make a friend for life. Seek and you’ll findExplore beautiful scenery and forage for food and crafting materials to make furniture and accessories for your house and your horse. Crafting tastes gooood!Befriend wild animals by combining items and crafting yummy treats for them.Complete fun questsCollect awesome rewards for going on fun adventures! Get to know more about the characters as you meet kind and friendly people in the game.Express yourselfCustomize your look and hang with friends. You can dress up your character and your horse.Accessorize everythingGet all kinds of treats for your animal besties: bows, hair clips, treats, and more!Play Wildsong now!Start your own adorable adventure right now. Follow your heart and discover the magic of nature!For ParentsWildsong is a fun and relaxing mobile adventure game designed for kids of all ages. As they playfully interact with nature and befriend animals, players train emotional intelligence and learn to be kind and compassionate towards every being around them. We take your kids’ online safety seriously, that’s why we partnered with PRIVO for Online privacy compliance for COPPA, GDPR.Play and learn• Wildsong inspires imagination and creative expression• Wildsong helps children develop understanding, empathy, and care for nature and other living beings• Players can interact with their friends using our fun emoji-only chat


Wildsong: Friends with Animals | iOS | Android | PC

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